2013 Fishing Derby

Opening day of fishing season is just around the corner.  Camp Tadma will be hosting the 2013 Fishing Derby on April 20, 2013.  A number of scouts, parents and leaders will be camping out Friday April 19th to get first shot at the best fishing spots bright and early the following day.  If you are interested in camping and/or fishing, please RSVP by April 5th.

Camper check-in begins Friday April 19th at 6pm. Followed by a cracker barrel in the Dining Hall at 8pm. Otherwise, come bright and early Saturday morning.  Derby check-in begins at 6am followed by a Fisherman’s Breakfast.  Fishing Derby runs from 7am to 9am  (scouts only). Weigh stations will be set up around Tadma Pond, make sure to have your fished weight in when you catch one. This is a catch and release derby and all fish must be returned to the Pond. Presentation of Trophies at 9:30 in the Dining Hall.  Open fishing will follow for both youth and adults and run to 4pm.  Lunch will also be served from 11am to 1pm in the Dining Hall.

Fishing, Camping and Meal Plans
A- $20.00- Cabin Camping, Breakfast & Fishing- Youth only Choice
B- $15.00- Cabin Camping, Breakfast- Adults
C- $15.00- Tent Camping, Breakfast & Fishing- Youth only Choice
D- $10.00- Tent Camping, Breakfast- Adults
E- $10.00- Breakfast & Fishing- Youth Only
F- $5.00 – Breakfast
G- $5.00- Lunch