Webelos explore art

As parting the art explosion elective, the Webelos in Den 7 went to the Lyman Allen Art Muesum.

While there they completed a scavenger hunt of objects found in the many pieces of American art ranging from 17th century to modern art. Many pieces featured scenes from New London such as a painting of a sub being built after World War Two at Electric Boat, a glass bottle sample from the New London glassworks and paintings of  Benedict Arnold burning down New London.

Additionally the boys explored a coral reef exhibit, turn of the century toys and tried their hands and maritime knots (hmmm, some of those knots like familiar don’t they?)In all, an interesting morning learning about art AND New London!

Lions go on a “mountain lion” adventure 🦁

This weekend the Lion den met up at Rocky Neck State Park to explore the natural world around them. Before the hike they learned about the six essentials that every scout should bring on a hike and the SAW method of staying safe.

During the hike we discussed leave no trace principles and making sure that sticks and stones stayed on the ground. Finally the scouts did an excellent job making sure they were always with their buddy. Every time we said buddy check, the boys were close to one another.

Great job lions!

Pack 24 is going camping

What do scouts love the most about scouting? That’s right, being in the outdoors! To wind down an awesome year of scouting will be holding a year end camp out at the Boy Scout camp in Ashford, CT; J. N. Webster. Location: 231 Ashford Center Road, Ashford, CT 06278 
We know that there are many activities competing for your time, so we have tried to make this camping trip as flexible as possible. You have three different ways to participate:

* All weekend – You can come up Friday afternoon, set up camp, and enjoy a weekend in the woods

* Saturday Camper – Can’t get up Friday night? Have a Saturday morning commitment? That’s fine, head on up ASAP and we’ll have a tent spot for you.  

* Day tripper – You can’t spend the night sleeping under the stars, but you know there is nothing better than s’mores over campfire. Come up Saturday for the day, enjoy the activities we have planned, stay for the campfire, fellowship and most importantly s’mores. Head home Saturday night with a tired, but happy scout. 

Finally, we can’t make this the high quality event you have come to expect with some help. Many hands make light work so we are asking each family to volunteer in one of three areas:

* Food – Working with other parents to plan a menu, gather the food, and run the camp kitchen. This is your chance to eat something other than beanies and weenies all weekend. Bonus, you get first dibs on s’mores!

* Activities – Boys have the most fun when we can balance free play with guided group activities. Help coordinate Pack wide games such as sharks v minnows, tug of war, hikes, and scavenger hunts. We have plenty of ideas to help you get started.  

* Random tasking – Maybe you are allergic to food and fun, we have a role for you! Help out wherever those late minute things come up. Can’t say what they are quite yet, but we will know who we can call!
Sign up now so we can start getting an approximate head count here:
See you under the stars!